What is the difference between Vinyl Stickers & Vinyl Decals?

A vinyl sticker is a piece of printed vinyl with pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. A vinyl sticker is applied by peeling the sticker off of a backing paper and placed as a single piece on just about any surface.

A vinyl decal is one or more pieces of vinyl cut from colored material with pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. A vinyl decal can be transferred onto various surfaces.

Should you order stickers or decals?
Rather than trying to determine if you need a sticker or decal, there are a few details that will help us determine what best fits your budget and your goals.

Consider adhesive.
Do you need your artwork to stick for an hour, a week, or years?

Color considerations.
Are you looking for a single color, a few basic colors, or do you want a full-color design?

Custom size.
Do you want a small custom sticker for the corner of the back window of your car, or are you looking for something as big as your wall?

With just these three pieces of information, we should be able to further advise you and provide an accurate quote.